Spain is angry: all the keys to understand what happened in the Eurovision preselection

Maybe in these days your social media are speaking about smomething like a trap in the selection of the Spanish artist that is going to sing in Kiev in May. The truth is that all these people have some evidence to doubt the organization.

The show where Spain should elect its representative took place on May the 11st. Maybe you heard that the final winner was an artist called Manel Navarro. That’s right. All the murky thing appears if you look how this night happen.

Toñi Prieto and Federico Llano

The truth is that Spain doesn’t have any certain process to elect his artist for Eurovision. Every year the dome in charge invents a process different from the previous one. In the edition of 2017, the process was like this:

An expert jury and the public, through the televote, would choose with the same power the winner. If there’s a tie, the jury must have the last word. So, that was what happened in the show. As if it was premeditated, Manel Navarro and Mirela reached a tie between the televote and what the jury said.

Everything had to be clear if it were not for what actually happened. According to the rules that the program itself made public on its website “The ten songs most voted by users of will be analyzed by a jury composed of a radio and television professionals not linked to any candidate to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017“. This doesn’t come true because, like the social media shouted out, one of the professional who voted on the show, Xavi Martínez, was tightly linked to the winner of the night. In his official Twitter account you can read messages between the jourlanist and the singer saying things like: “Let’s make it a hymn!” or “Thank you very much brother! I hope you are my talisman! Hug“.

Something very unpleasant happened after the event. Xavi Martinez says that a member of the public hit him in the face. Anyway, according to Martínez’s words in the Hoy por hoy program, the aggression is nowadays still not reported despite the fact that he says the aggression is recorded.

Xavi Martínez (Los 40 Principales) and Virginia Díaz (Radio 3) only disagreed on one vote

Public anger erupted when, suspiciously, Xavi Martinez overcame the candidacy of the favorite of the public, Mirela, and favored the one of his favorite, giving him the highest score. So did Virginia Diaz, who practically repeated the vote of his partner. Curiously, his strange words for one of the candidates, LeKlein, showed that something wasn’t going as it should. “I have to say that my favorite was LeKlein, but I wanted to have admired you with the force of the seas, I wanted to see a rock and roll star. I wanted to see you filling the stage […] but the song is very good but very powerful“. Virginia Díaz gave only 8 points to “her favorite”.

If this isn’t enough, the outrage has erupted when Bluper released an exclusive regarding the Director of the Entertainment Area of TVE. According to this media, Toñi Prieto has a daughter working at Sony Music. Not only that, but, as the media reported, she works on the team of Manel Navarro, representative of Spain in Eurovision.

Still worse. None of the representatives of the directive in this area (no Prieto no Federico Llano) wanted to respond at a press conference to the questions that journalists wanted to ask them on this issue, leaving Manel Navarro on his own facing issues that have nothing to do with him.

Manel Navarro, in front of the journalists while Prieto and Llano where siting with the media

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