This is how Xavi Martínez related to the Eurovision representative before his election

His scores as the jury of Objeto Eurovision placed him for many people as a suspect during the show. The truth is that Xavi Martínez has had to face accusations of favoritism towards Manel Navarro since the young man was elected. Anyway, his explanations have begun to falter after the evidence they are seeing the light.

In the Hoy por Hoy program, Martinez saId that he was not linked to Manel Navarro. “The only thing I have done with Manel has been to support him artistically, just as we did in Los 40 with many other artists. […] We put it in Los 40 three weeks before he was to run for the bid. I never interviewed Manel Navarro in my program as a candidate, I did it as an artist“.

Many people have spoken about the tweets of the support from the journalist to the singer before the pre-selection. But now, we know that there is more. According to Bluper, on December Xavi Martínez recived a Christmas Basket from the representative agency of Manel Navarro. He didn’t hide it and he published in his Twitter account.

Days later, as Bluper has discovered, Manel Navarro and Xavi Martínez went together to have dinner. Then, the artist was already confirmed as candidate to Eurovision. But Xavi Martínez didn’t doubt of speaking proudly about that dinner in Los 40 Principales.

A couple of days ago we went to dinner and Manel Navarro did something very curious. He began to sneeze after dinner, like a madman […]. I asked him if he was well or had an allergy or something and he said that when he likes a meal a lot she knows she liked it because he sneezes. A tremendous thing“, Martínez related. Each can draw conclusions, but it is clear that all these data don’t help anything in the defense of the juror.

Spanish politicians are starting to get involved

The issue begins to get complicated for those responsible of Televisión Española. It is already two Spanish political parties that have been pronounced about what happened in this edition. The politicians of UPYD demanded the resignation of those in charge of Objetivo Eurovision, show where the representative was chosen, for a shameful image of Spain.

In addition, PSOE announced that they will ask for responsibilities of everything that happened in the Congress of Deputies. Politicians have signed a document with questions like: Who approved the election system? Who decided the members of the jury? Do you contemplate the annulment of the result?


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